Tasnim's Testimonial

Tasnim has developed into a confident and conscientious student and is looking forward to her graduation.

Tasnim if you are reading this, keep up the good work (sorry I write this whenever I mark student work, can’t help it)!

I am very grateful for receiving a British Education.

If my Maternal Grandfather did not immigrate to the UK, then my parents would not have come and thus I would have not been born and brought up here.

I always remember this fact and be thankful.

This is the very premise of me posting relevant and informative posts for you.

I love to promote British education as I would like to help as many students as I can to gain a better education than me!!

Education is empowering and lifts a person, their family and their community.

I encourage my students in the classroom to look after the planet, find cures for diseases, overcome poverty……… get the picture.

Anyway, love my job….I hope you can tell!!!

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